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Plastic Shredder - Standard Grinder

Plastic Shredder - Standard Grinder Plastic Shredder - Standard Grinder

Product ID: JAA Series
JAA Series Plastic Granulators - Crushing Machines are major for crushing the waste plastic products from plastic injection molding machine or extruder.( Rubber, and dry thing, and etc.)

Granulators are suitable for shredding and grinding of all kind of plastics and Rubber - drums, containers, Pipes, P.E.T. scrap, Bottles and Pre-forms, Pails, Jars, Plastic Chairs and Tables, Plastic pots and Pot holders, rubber pieces 100% steel free, ABS, PE, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, thermo-plastics with glass fillers, Plastic trays, plastic bins, plastic bags, plastic pallets, rubber mats, electronic waste - plates, main boards ... etc.
Also, herbal products.
  • Faster cutter replacement, easy cleaning allows rapid screen changing.
  • Size of crushed granules adjustable depends on screen changed. (From Φ1-20mm)
  • Built-in emergency safety switch, allows automatic stopping, when screening base and hopper are being opened.
  • Special designs made to order for meeting clients need.
  • The unloading hopper is rectangularity can and due to comprehensive employment such as auto loaders, circle storage barrel and bag etc., to exchange the necessary attachment.
  • To surmount traditional angel design, effectively lowering the decibel value.
  • Easy maintenance, and less fee.
  • Product gain equal size after crushing.
  • Cutter material is made by Japan Hitachi SKD-11、SKH-2、T.C.T…etc.,
  • We can afford many models for granulated scrap and capacity and satisfied client` s requirement.
  • The design has contained vision aesthetic appearance to improve the machine valuable.
Model JAA-200 JAA-260 JAA-300 JAA-400 JAA-500 JAA-750 JAA-1000
Power (HP) 3HP ~ 5HP 7.5HP ~ 15HP 20HP ~ 30HP 20HP ~ 40HP 30HP ~ 40HP 50HP ~ 75HP 75HP ~ 100HP
Inlet Size (mm) 200x240 260 x 240 300x240 400x240 500x350 750x500 1000x600
R.P.M 280~380 rpm 280~380 rpm 380~420rpm 430rpm 560rpm 560 rpm 560 rpm
Rotary Cutter (pcs) 5 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs 9 pcs 12 pcs
Stationary Cutter (pcs) 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
Contents (kg) 30kg 30kg 40 kg 50 kg 70 kg 80 kg 100 kg
Capacity (kg) 120 ~ 230 kg 150 ~ 250 kg 190 ~ 290 kg 290 ~ 400 kg 500 ~ 1,200 kg 1,000 ~ 1,700 kg 1,000 ~ 2,000 kg
Machine Size (mm) 725 x 530 x 1,218 725x590 x1218 1500x740 x1600 1600x840 x1620 2200x1320 x2120 2700x1520 x2800 2800x2100 x2900
Machine Weight (kg) 265 kg 290kg 400kg 540kg 650kg 1400kg 2600kg
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CEO:Li-Te Chung
Contact:Li-Te Chung
Address:No. 702, Sishih Rd. Fongyuan Dist, Taichung City, 420 Taiwan

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